Photography and Media Art Association Valmed ry

Photography and Media Art Association Valmed ry aims to support and promote photography and media art. The association is based in Northern Savonia but the activity goes beyond the regional borders of Finland. Valmed ry is an association of the growing area of arts, with its members being skilled individuals and professionals from different fields of arts and culture. The association was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide networking and collaboration opportunities for its members and to enhance the regional expertise, presentation and recognition of photography and media art. Activities and operation of the association are being developed and planned from the basis of art professionals.

Valmed ry is actively looking for new art exhibition venues in Northern Savonia. The association carries on diverse and open-minded exhibition operations by bringing artworks into the public city space. Arranging lessons for the members is an essential part of the operations of the association, and workshops held by the members deliver art and creative processes to the public audience in a concrete form.


Board 2023-2024

chairperson Tuukka Pasanen
secretary Heidi Kirjavainen
vice-chairperson Katarina Karpppinen
treasurer Ulla-Mari Lindström
member Tina Jokitalo
deputy member Maria Kärkkäinen

Valmed ry